Red Bull with updates to Hungary, Verstappen mentions comprehensive list: "I'm not kidding" F1

Red Bull with updates to Hungary, Verstappen mentions comprehensive list: "I'm not kidding"

Red Bull with updates to Hungary, Verstappen mentions comprehensive list: "I'm not kidding"

Max Verstappen has revealed that Red Bull Racing will introduce fresh updates for the Hungarian Grand Prix. While the RB19 appears to be performing exceptionally, the two-time world champion highlights a comprehensive range of potential areas for car enhancement. However, Verstappen remains uncertain about facing strong competition from McLaren during that weekend, as he has been the sole constant presence on the podium.

Verstappen extended his remarkable streak of being on the podium for the 11th consecutive race. Throughout the season, the Red Bull driver has never finished below second place. However, Verstappen frequently finds himself surrounded by different individuals in the post-race cooldown room. "It's quite perplexing for me because every race weekend, someone else emerges as the fast contender," Verstappen expressed during the press conference. "I believe it's due to the competitive nature of the field, where even slight improvements in car tuning can yield significant advantages on specific circuits."

"I genuinely have no idea what to expect in Hungary, who will be quick or the second-fastest," continued the reigning world champion. Nevertheless, Red Bull is determined to once again increase the gap to their competitors. "Hungary presents a completely different circuit, and we plan to incorporate some upgrades onto the car, hoping they will prove effective." Verstappen highlights an extensive list of potential improvements for the RB19, encompassing areas such as drag, low-speed and high-speed performance, DRS effect, and tire wear. "We are actively addressing all of these aspects; it's not a joke," he affirmed.

Verstappen likes to report all minor problems

During the Grand Prix, Verstappen encountered a few hiccups as well. He communicated a minor issue over the radio, which was related to the challenging wind conditions. "I believe in providing feedback to the team, and the wind was extremely challenging. It became highly unpredictable at one stage," he explained. While managing the team's strategy, Verstappen noticed Charles Leclerc entering the pits for fresh tires. "I wanted to ensure that our team was fully alert and not caught off guard," he stated.

Moments later, Red Bull seized the opportunity for a tire change as Verstappen pitted while the safety car was deployed following Kevin Magnussen's retirement. "If it weren't for the safety car, we might not have pitted much later. I still need to confirm with the team whether we would have chosen the soft or hard tires. I'm not certain, but most likely we would have opted for the soft ones. However, perhaps it turned out to be advantageous that the safety car was on the track, allowing a few laps," Verstappen remarked.

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