Vasseur dismisses rumors about Albon: "No idea where that came from" F1

Vasseur dismisses rumors about Albon: "No idea where that came from"

Vasseur dismisses rumors about Albon: "No idea where that came from"

Frédéric Vasseur is puzzled by the origin of rumors suggesting that Alexander Albon will replace Carlos Sainz in the near future. There is speculation that the Spaniard is discontent with his position as the second driver behind Charles Leclerc and is considering a departure. As both Ferrari drivers have yet to renew their contracts, it is suggested that this uncertainty is also causing tension. Vasseur, however, dismisses these rumors.

Rumors are circulating about the current state of unrest within Ferrari's team, particularly concerning the drivers. Both drivers still have contracts until the end of 2024, but it remains uncertain whether these contracts will be renewed. Sainz, in particular, appears to be discontented at the Italian racetrack currently. Tensions also arose at Silverstone when the Spaniard expressed dissatisfaction with a decision made by the team.

In the weeks leading up to the British Grand Prix, frustration was also noticeable. Vasseur acknowledges that mistakes were made but believes that the issues are being exaggerated in the media. "There were a few errors, like in qualifying at Barcelona and Spielberg. However, there's no need to worry," the team boss stated to the Italian branch of "Ultimately, it can happen to anyone to make mistakes or not be in top form for two consecutive races. I'm confident they were simply frustrated with their performance that weekend."

Vasseur dismisses rumors

The fact that the contracts of both drivers have not been renewed yet is fueling speculation in the Italian media. Vasseur emphasizes that there are more pressing matters on the agenda than the contracts of Leclerc and Sainz. "I made it clear to the team at the beginning of the season, and I also made it clear to the drivers. It takes months for me to get to know the team. They still have a one-year contract. I don't believe it's a matter that needs to be discussed at present. We will certainly address it in the future, but it is not our primary concern."

Consequently, rumors are intensifying. Leclerc is being linked with Mercedes, while Sainz is rumored to be leaving for Audi. The Italian media is particularly confident about Sainz's departure, suggesting that Albon would replace him. "I don't know where this story comes from. I have had Albon in the past, and we are friends. If a reporter asks me if Alexander is currently performing well, I would say yes. However, that doesn't imply my interest in him. Besides, I believe Alex has a contract with Williams for 2024," stated Vasseur.

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