Russell and Mercedes need to return to basics: "If I check off everything, I can defeat anyone." F1

Russell and Mercedes need to return to basics: "If I check off everything, I can defeat anyone."

Russell and Mercedes need to return to basics: "If I check off everything, I can defeat anyone."

George Russell is not worried about the fact that some teams have already started working on next season's car. The stability in the regulations enables teams to continue their development for this season, and the progress made will be implemented on the car for the following year. Furthermore, Russell is confident that if he executes everything correctly on his part, he can surpass any competitor on the grid. However, to achieve that, he and the Mercedes team will need to return to basics first.

Mercedes is still grappling with its own car. The team from Brackley is consistently securing podium finishes, but it's evident that the German outfit desires more. Currently, however, it appears to be an insurmountable task for Mercedes to challenge for victories due to Red Bull Racing's exceptional pace, which surpasses that of any other competitor. Moreover, the Austrian racing team continues to make progress, allowing Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez to shift their attention towards the upcoming 2024 season.

Russell is not overly concerned about teams already focusing on the upcoming season. "No, not really, because I believe that with the stable regulations between this year and next year, the cars are more or less transitioning into the following season," the Mercedes driver is quoted by PlanetF1. "Of course, during the 2021 season, with the significant changes, there were concerns in that regard." Russell argues that Mercedes will also experience an evolution of the W14 for next year.

Russell and Mercedes back to basics

As Mercedes is only occasionally genuinely competitive, Russell must find a way to maximize his results in every Grand Prix. This is something the one-time race winner often should not make more complicated than necessary. "I believe it's crucial at times not to overthink things, to return to basics, and focus on refining the team processes. Understanding what I, as a driver, require to optimize my performance and achieve the desired outcome with the car."

The Briton's confidence is certainly in good shape. "I am aware that if I fulfill all those aspects, I can surpass anyone on this grid, and I believe it's crucial to accomplish those aspects," Russell stated. He believes it is therefore important to maintain a broader perspective in the upcoming period. "We often succumb to the trap of wanting to do more, focusing on minor details, pushing even harder. And sometimes, we end up overcomplicating things, which ultimately works against us," said the Mercedes driver.

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