Windsor dots difference between Verstappen and Hamilton: "Max sets a new standard" F1

Windsor dots difference between Verstappen and Hamilton: "Max sets a new standard"

Windsor dots difference between Verstappen and Hamilton: "Max sets a new standard"

Peter Windsor believes Max Verstappen is setting a new standard in Formula 1 with his dominance. The Red Bull Racing driver currently appears to be driving flawlessly, and as a result, he has taken over from Lewis Hamilton. However, Windsor observes an important distinction between the two drivers. While Hamilton was able to enjoy his dominance for a prolonged period, there were also more frequent occasions when things did not go as smoothly for the seven-time world champion. Verstappen has not yet had to encounter such circumstances.

For Verstappen, there are currently no problems. The Red Bull driver leads the championship and enjoys a 99-point advantage. The Dutchman's dominance brings back memories of previous dominant periods in Formula One, but Windsor acknowledges a difference between the two drivers, particularly when comparing them. "Max is indeed setting a new standard, but on the other hand, he finds himself in an incredible situation where he has an excellent team supporting him, a strong car, people he loves, people who love him—everything is harmonious. Additionally, he doesn't have to worry about a teammate," Windsor said on his YouTube channel.

"It's like witnessing this exceptional driver evolve into an even greater force because everything around him is perfect," the journalist continued. Verstappen's dominance, however, has not yet reached the same duration as Hamilton's. The Mercedes driver was a top contender for the title for eight consecutive years, clinching the world championship six times. The level Verstappen is reaching this season does speak in favor of the Red Bull driver, according to Windsor. "He deserves all the credit. Lewis had his ups and downs with Alonso at McLaren, then Rosberg, he wanted to retain Valtteri (Bottas, ed.), and then there was Abu Dhabi 2021 and the 2022 season. It has been a bit more tumultuous."

Windsor: "Hamilton handled it extremely well"

Last season, Hamilton also experienced a sudden defeat by his teammate George Russell. Although the seven-time world champion is currently leading ahead of the young Briton, there is still a noticeable difference compared to the Hamilton of the past. "It was quite a shock to see where he was at the end of 2021 and then racing against Kevin Magnussen, Alexander Albon, and Yuki Tsunoda in 2022. But he performed admirably. I've always been surprised by how well he's doing, considering the experiences he had back in 2007. If anyone would have found it challenging, it would have been Lewis, but he handled it extremely well," concluded Windsor.

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