Verstappen not bored with his own dominance: "Wants to make the gap even bigger" F1

Verstappen not bored with his own dominance: "Wants to make the gap even bigger"

Verstappen not bored with his own dominance: "Wants to make the gap even bigger"

Max Verstappen is not getting bored with his own dominance. The Red Bull Racing driver has already secured eight victories this season, but the Dutchman remains motivated to achieve even more wins. Verstappen hopes to widen the gap to the competition alongside Red Bull. The reigning world champion doesn't find Red Bull's current dominance unusual, as the sport has had very few seasons in which the title fight was truly thrilling, according to the driver.

Verstappen is currently unbeatable in Formula 1. There have been a few moments where the Red Bull driver could have been challenged, mostly by Sergio Pérez. However, most people are finding the Red Bull dominance to become boring. "It's still Formula 1," Verstappen honestly admits on Channel 4. "I mean, it has happened before in Formula 1. You have occasional seasons or one or two consecutive seasons where maybe a few teams truly compete with each other. That is very, very rare in the sport."

The two-time world champion believes that the regulations will bring more excitement in the future. "Of course, with the new regulations, we are trying to bring the field closer together, and I think compared to about twenty years ago, it is already much more thrilling." Red Bull simply interpreted the regulations better than the rest of the field. "It's about not making mistakes. I will try not to make too many mistakes in a weekend. We are very aware of that, and that's what we're trying to avoid."

Verstappen still motivated

Verstappen has repeatedly stated that breaking records will not keep him in Formula 1. However, the driver does not find his own dominance boring. "No, it's the opposite. I think I would get bored if I didn't have the chance to fight for victory. I am really motivated. I love what I do, but I also love the challenge of wanting more, of staying at the top, of even widening the gap. That is probably my motivation," Verstappen said.

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