Verstappen praises Norris: "Then he would win races, it's as simple as that" F1

Verstappen praises Norris: "Then he would win races, it's as simple as that"

Verstappen praises Norris: "Then he would win races, it's as simple as that"

Max Verstappen has given his good friend Lando Norris some sincere advice. The McLaren driver, of course, would like to be competing at the front, but his team hasn't been able to provide him with that opportunity yet. Verstappen, however, believes that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. The Red Bull Racing driver thinks it's wise for Norris to trust the process and show loyalty to McLaren, as the British team has also given him the chance to be in Formula 1.

Earlier this season, after qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix, Verstappen already complimented Norris. The McLaren driver once again doesn't have the opportunity this season to truly compete for wins or podium finishes, but Verstappen is certain that Norris would be able to do so in the right car. "Unfortunately, that's also a bit how Formula 1 is. I mean, if Lando were in a car capable of winning races, he would win races, it's as simple as that," the reigning world champion is quoted by international media.

The McLaren driver is already in his fifth season with the British team. Norris has a long-term contract with the Woking-based team, but it seems that he still doesn't have a chance at a Grand Prix victory. "You never forget who brought you into Formula 1 in the first place, and you should be loyal to them, in my opinion," Verstappen states. "People always say the grass is greener on the other side, but usually, it's not. I think it's very important to remember these kinds of things in situations like these."

Verstappen: "Also thought about leaving at times"

Verstappen himself has also experienced difficult periods at Red Bull. During those moments, the driver never ruled out a departure from the team, but he trusted the process. "Of course, sometimes you're a bit skeptical. Then you see how determined they were to make it work. Of course, I had my doubts at times, as in - is this really going to work? I don't know. Of course, I thought about maybe leaving at times. But at the same time, I was developing as a driver in those years," Verstappen said.

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