Windsor sees opportunities for Hülkenberg: "Perfect number two for Red Bull" F1

Windsor sees opportunities for Hülkenberg: "Perfect number two for Red Bull"

Windsor sees opportunities for Hülkenberg: "Perfect number two for Red Bull"

Journalist Peter Windsor is certain that Nico Hülkenberg can be the perfect "number two" for Red Bull Racing. According to Windsor, the German driver is the most suitable candidate to form a duo with Max Verstappen and maintain Red Bull's performance at a high level. Hülkenberg's performance during qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix boosts his chances of securing a spot on the team.

During qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix, Hülkenberg emerged as one of the strongest contenders. A rain specialist with ample experience in the field proved to be the perfect combination of attributes to deliver an impressive qualifying session on the rain-soaked circuit in Montréal. Hülkenberg fought his way to second position during Q3, with only Max Verstappen ahead of him. Ultimately, the Dutchman secured the first starting position, but Hülkenberg surprised everyone when he managed to retain second position.

Unfortunately, a three-place grid penalty was a stroke of bad luck for Hülkenberg. The Haas driver dropped back to the fifth starting position and was unable to recover from this setback during the race. He ultimately crossed the finish line in fifteenth position. Verstappen continued his strong performance and won the race, but his teammate Sergio Pérez struggled. The Mexican driver, who has been Verstappen's teammate since 2021, failed to advance beyond Q2 during qualifying and finished the race in sixth place on Sunday. This was far from favorable for Pérez, but it opens up doors for Hülkenberg.

Tough choice for Red Bull: Hülkenberg or Pérez?  

On his own YouTube channel, Windsor mentions that it wouldn't be surprising if Red Bull starts to gradually doubt between Pérez and Hülkenberg. Because unfortunately for the team, Pérez still drops the balll too often, according to Windsor. "Sergio Pérez in the other Red Bull (compared to Verstappen, ed.) struggled in Q1 and Q2, struggled with the temperature of his soft and wet tires, always ended up in the middle of the pack, and was always in the wrong place at the wrong time." On the other hand, Hülkenberg is performing at a surprisingly favorable level.

"Surely, you would think that when Red Bull looks at the times, they would wonder why they don't put Hülkenberg in the other car (to replace Pérez alongside Verstappen, ed.)," Windsor says. According to him, Hülkenberg is the "perfect number two" alongside Verstappen. Hülkenberg performs well in wet conditions like in Montréal, and according to Windsor, the Haas driver's tactical choices somewhat resemble Verstappen's. "A bit like Max, going straight out and setting a lap at the beginning of Q3. Just reaching Q3 was already a big achievement (for Hülkenberg, ed.)." According to Windsor, Red Bull is faced with a tough choice either way.

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